How to Increase Video Buffering on the Internet

By Ashley Poland

A slow-loading video is frustrating; no matter what you're trying to watch, the experience is diminished when you have to stop and wait while the next section of the video downloads. Streaming video downloads as you watch; buffer time refers to the amount of time between the moment you're watching, and the most recently downloaded bit of the video. Ideally, you should watch the whole video without stopping. By speeding up your video buffer speed, you increase your chances of watching an entire video without having to stop and wait for the next section to load.

Step 1

Stop any large downloads or bandwidth-heavy online activities (such as games) that you may have running. Streaming Internet video requires bandwidth like anything else, and the more bandwidth that's being used, the fewer resources are being devoted to each task.

Step 2

Clear your web cache -- the area that the video information loads into -- to make more resources available for the buffering video. Close your Internet browser, and go to the "Control Panel" and select "Internet Options." Clear the web cache by pressing "Delete Files..." from below "Temporary Internet Files."

Step 3

Turn down Video Acceleration with your media player, if you're using one to stream video; this setting turned all the way up can slow down the buffering and impede the performance of your streaming video. In Windows Media Player you can lower the settings by going to "Tools," then selecting "Options," and lowering the slider bar under "Performance."

Step 4

Turn down or off Hardware Acceleration in Windows settings. Go to Control Panel and select "Settings," then "Advanced." Under "Troubleshoot" you will see the slider bar for Hardware Acceleration.

Tips & Warnings

  • In order to stream video efficiently, your Internet connection must be at least DSL-speed, and have enough available bandwidth. If you're using a dial-up connection, or have an ISP that throttles your bandwidth, your buffering speed will remain slow.