How to Insert an Umlaut

By Richard Kalinowski

Umlauts are used to represent raised "A," "O" or "U" vowel sounds. Indicated by two dots on top of the letter, these symbols are routinely used in Germanic languages. If you're typing in a language that uses umlauts, you won't find the necessary symbols on a standard QWERTY keyboard. However, your computer is equipped with a map of characters specifically designed for inserting special characters. With the right unicode, you can quickly jump to the umlaut symbols for insertion into a document, email or spreadsheet.

Step 1

Click on the "Start" menu.

Step 2

Type "Character Map" in the blank field at the bottom of the "Start" menu.

Step 3

Click on the "Character Map" to open it in a new window.

Step 4

Type the appropriate code in the "go to unicode" box and hit "Enter." This automatically takes you to the umlaut you need on the Character Map. The codes for each umlaut are as follows: a=00E4, o=00F6, u=00FC, A=00C4, O=00D6, U=00DC.

Step 5

Click "Select" and "Copy" to place the umlaut on your virtual clipboard.

Step 6

Open the program where you want to use the umlaut.

Step 7

Press "Ctrl" and "V" at the same time to insert the selected umlaut from your clipboard into the program.