How to Install a GOM Player AC3 Filter

By C. Taylor

The free GOM Player supports almost all widely-used multimedia file types and you can install additional codecs to increase its versatility. GOM Player uses its own internal codecs to decode most video and audio formats, but sometimes these don't work as intended or user settings adjustments cause problems. Install the AC3 filter as an alternative to the player's built-in audio resources.

Step 1

Download the latest AC3 Filter from its dedicated website. Download the full version if you're unsure of the correct version to use.

Step 2

Press the **Windows-R** keys simultaneously to open the Run window. Click **Browse** and navigate to the downloaded file. Click **OK** to start installation.

Step 3

Follow the instructions contained in the installation wizard. In most cases, accept the defaults for all options and click through to complete the installation.

Step 4

Open GOM Player and press **F5** to pull up the Preferences window. Select **Filter** on the left and choose **Advanced Settings** at the top.

Step 5

Click **Advanced: Customize filter priority** to enable the Add Filter button, which you should then click.

Step 6

Select **AC3 Filter** from the list and click **OK** to install the filter into Gom Player, then return to the Advanced Settings window.

Step 7

Click **Highest** under the Condition priority option to use AC3 filter, when appropriate, before anything else.

Tips & Warnings

  • Adding the AC3 Filter won't remove the player's standard audio and video resources.