How to Install a Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

By Martin Woodfield

Bluetooth is a standard of open wireless data exchange. Bluetooth technology is valuable because it allows wireless data transmissions and communications between unlinked devices. Microsoft's Bluetooth Enumerator is a software protocol that provides an organizing function allowing Bluetooth devices to understand and structure their back-and-forth communications. The Bluetooth Enumerator is a standard feature in Windows XP and later operating systems, but the program can be downloaded and installed if has been deleted from your computer.

Step 1

Go to the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator download website (see Resources).

Step 2

Click "Download Now."

Step 3

Open the downloaded file.

Step 4

Click "Start."

Step 5

Click "My Computer."

Step 6

Click "Bluetooth."

Step 7

Double-click "Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator."

Step 8

Click "Reinstall Driver."

Step 9

Follow the prompts and click "Finish" to complete the Bluetooth Enumerator installation.