How to Install Microsoft Paint

By Liz Turner

Paint is a basic graphics program that has been included with Microsoft Windows since Version 1.0. It can be used for basic photo editing, drawing and coloring, and in current versions of Windows (XP and newer) it can be used to save images in JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and PNG files. As a basic utility included with Windows, it shouldn't be necessary to install Paint, but if there is a system error and the program stops working correctly, it can be reinstalled.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows XP

Step 1

Go to Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs. In the left-hand menu bar of the window, click "Add/Remove Windows Components."

Step 2

Select "Accessories and Utilities," and click the "Details" button.

Step 3

Select "Accessories" and again, click the "Details" button.

Step 4

Look for "Paint" in the list of accessories. If the check box next to it is blank, check it and click "OK." This will reinstall the program. If the box is already checked but the program isn't functioning, uncheck it and click "OK." This will fully uninstall the program. Then repeat the steps to install it.

Step 5

Open Paint from Start>Accessories>Paint. The program should now open and work correctly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you simply haven't deleted the shortcut to the program. The name of the program file is mspaint.exe. It can be found in Windows/System32, or by doing a search on your computer for the file name. Simply right click on the mspaint icon and select "Send to desktop as shortcut."
  • There are alternative freeware options to Paint available for download. See "Resources."
  • These steps do not work in Vista or Windows 7, however the file location of mspaint, Windows/System32, is the same.
  • Do not change anything in the System32 folder.