How to Install Msvcr80.Dll

By Josh Baum

Dynamic Link Library files are important Microsoft Windows system files that several programs and system processes rely on to function properly. The Microsoft C Runtime Library and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 both rely on a DLL file called "msvcr80.dll." If this file becomes corrupted or is deleted, both of these programs may encounter problems and become unstable. This DLL file can, however, be downloaded for free online and installed in the Windows system directory.

Step 1

Select a download location for a working version of the msvcr80.dll file (see Resources).

Step 2

Save the file to your computer. When the download finishes, unzip the file to your desktop.

Step 3

Click "File Explorer," open "This PC" then "C:," open "Windows" then "System32."

Step 4

Drag the msvcr80.dll you extracted to the desktop into the System32 folder. If you're asked whether you want to replace an existing file of the same name, click "Yes."

Step 5

Reboot Windows.