How to Install the Bing Bar

Microsoft's Bing Bar is a toolbar extension that you can add to your Internet Explorer browser. It gives you access to a range of Bing services, including its search engine, email and Facebook features. To install the bar, your PC needs to be running Internet Explorer 7 or higher -- Microsoft no longer supports the Bing Bar on other browsers.

Download the Bing Bar

Open Internet Explorer, go to the Bing Bar download page at "," and click "Download." If prompted to run or save the download, select "Run." When the Bing installer window opens, look at the checked options. By default, these set Bing as your default search engine, change your home page to MSN and allow Microsoft to collect information from you. If you don't want any of these options enabled, uncheck the relevant box. Select "Finish." If prompted that the Bing Bar is ready, select "Enable." Open a new tab and you should see the toolbar at the top of the page.

Customize the Bing Bar

You can change the apps that appear on the Bing Bar as well as their position by selecting the "Bing Bar Settings" icon, resembling three dots. To remove or add apps, select "Apps," click the app and select "Add" or "Remove." To change the order in which apps appear, select an app and use the arrows to move it up or down in the bar's order. If you don't want app buttons to show alerts on the bar, select "Alerts." You can uncheck individual apps or enable/disable them all by selecting "All" or "None."