How to Install Visio Microsoft Office

By Helen Jain

Microsoft's Visio software is a drawing program that allows drawing, diagramming and other artistic endeavors. Using the software, whether downloaded or purchased with a CD, requires installing it properly on the computer. The software is available in stores around the country or through the Microsoft website in a download form, where the product key is emailed rather than on the package. Once installed, the Visio program is available for use.

Step 1

Open the CD drive and place the Visio CD into the drive. Close the drive and allow it to start loading. Most computers will automatically load the CD. If it doesn't load automatically, open "My Computer" and click on the CD icon. If purchasing and downloading online, click on the download and press the "Run" button when prompted to start the process.

Step 2

Start the installation process by running the program and then agreeing to the terms of use. It takes a few minutes before the download or installation finishes once started. Wait until the installation bar reaches 100 percent and the window states that installation is complete.

Step 3

Fill in the product key. If using a CD, the product key is in the CD case. If purchased online and downloaded, the product key is in an email sent from Microsoft. Enter the product key so that the Visio program will work properly.

Step 4

Start the program. Check that it is installed and running properly, especially if downloaded. Problems with installation are rare and most problems with running are related to the product key not being entered. If it does not open and it was downloaded, make sure the download was completed. If not, download again the Visio to install it properly.