How to Install Wi-Fi

By Contributing Writer

With the cost for wireless devices dropping considerably, it is much easier for people to install their own Wi-Fi connections at home or at their place of business. A Wi-Fi connection differs from a wireless connection because typically, the Wi-Fi connection doesn't have a password to access the Internet because it is being offered to customers free of charge. However, setting up a Wi-Fi connection is the same process as setting up a wireless Internet network.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless router
  • Ethernet cables

Step 1

Choose the right router for your needs. There are numerous types of routers as well as different compatibilities. The one to look for is 802.11g, because it's compatible with almost everything and offers excellent performance.

Step 2

Pick the best location for the router. If you are going to be placing it in your business, the ceiling is a good place because it will be able to spread out the signal in all directions. However, you can also do it in one of the corners of the business or do it in an office. The ceiling is most advantageous only because it is so much closer to the customers.

Step 3

Connect your computer to the modem and router by using the Ethernet cables that came with the router. Use one cable to connect the modem into the Internet section of the router, and use another to connect Port 1 on the router to the Ethernet jack on your computer.

Step 4

Turn on your computer, router and modem, and give your modem time to connect to the Internet. Open a web browser on your computer and check to see if your Internet connection is working. If it is, you know that your Wi-Fi Internet connection is functioning. Go to the address provided in the router handbook on your browser (for example, Linsksys' address is This address takes you to the configuration page where you can set up your wireless Internet connection. On the configuration page, configure your Wi-Fi the way you want. This includes adding security, the name of your network and anything else you might want to include make your connection unique.

Step 5

Disconnect the cable from Port 1 and your computer. Now that the wireless router is set up and broadcasting, you won't need to be plugged in anymore. The best way to test is to move to the opposite side of your business and see how good your Internet connection is. If it works quickly, your customers will have no problems.