How to Know if a Website is Safe

By Techwalla Internet Editor

We try to trust people in this world, but many scam artists want your money. People can hide behind a website and do sneaky things. Many websites are unsafe for visitors, and they find ways to take your personal information and credit card details. Do not trust every website you visit, and be aware of specific things to look out for. Find out if a website is safe to use.

Step 1

Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB allows you to check out an online company and see if it is a scam or if it has any complaint records.

Step 2

Check to see the website's form of payment, and see if they have any other credited companies listed on their website. If they have reputable companies, then follow up with those companies to ask if they are legitimate.

Step 3

Keep a pop-up blocker on if you are worried about other pages showing up on your computer when you enter a website. They might contain trojans and other viruses.

Step 4

Perform a search about the companies name in Usually, there will be people commenting on this company. Also, put the company name or website URL into the search along with the word 'scam' beside it. This search will give you information on if it is a scam.

Step 5

Stay with what you know. Stay with famous websites such as Amazon or Ebay, and stay away from ones that you have never heard of. This tactic will cut your chances of getting caught up in any scam.