How to Know If Your Computer Has Bluetooth Capabilities

By Damarious Page

Bluetooth technology is a wireless standard for transmitting data across short distances, and is explicitly designed for simplicity. With a Bluetooth-capable computer, you can use wireless devices such as headphones, headsets, keyboards and mice, as well as create a personal area network with other Bluetooth-equipped PCs. However, before you race down to the local electronics store to buy those devices, it's a good idea to check that your computer has Bluetooth capability. This can be done using a simple utility in Windows.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button on the Windows Taskbar. Type "Device Manager" in the search box at the bottom of the Start menu. When a window of search results opens, click "Device Manager" (under the Control Panel heading).

Step 2

Look for a device category titled "Bluetooth Radios." If this category is present, then Windows recognizes Bluetooth hardware on the PC.

Step 3

Expand the "Bluetooth Radios" category. Double-click on the branded-name (Dell, Toshiba, Linksys, Broadcom) of the installed Bluetooth device, which launches a new dialog box.

Step 4

Select the "General" tab. Look in the Device Status section for the following statement: "This Device Is Working Properly." If you see this information then the PC is Bluetooth capable and the hardware device is functioning properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use your Internet browser to navigate to Microsoft's Windows 7 Compatibility Center website. Search for "Bluetooth Adapters" in the Hardware section, and the results may show additional compatibility details as well as links to find Bluetooth device drivers.