How to Learn "Simply Accounting" at Home

By Contributing Writer

"Simply Accounting" is a line of professional software programs that allows businesses of all sizes to efficiently manage their accounts. Some versions of Simply Accounting are designed for small businesses and are relatively quick to set up and easy to use. Other versions of the software, designed for larger companies, have more advanced features and require some training to master. With the help of online tutorials and videos, it is possible to learn Simply Accounting at home.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Simply Accounting Software

Step 1

Visit Sage Software University Anytime Interactive Training. Register for the online course "Simply Accounting 2009 - Essentials." The four hour self paced course will teach you how to use core modules, how to process transactions and how to easily perform adjustments using Simply Accounting Premium 2009.

Step 2

For more in depth training, register for "Simply Accounting 2009 - Comprehensive." The nine hour online course will teach you the basics of working with Simply Accounting Premium and will also cover more advanced topics such as form customizations, foreign transactions and setting up budgets.

Step 3

Watch Simply Accounting's free prerecorded training videos. You will learn how to use the accounts payable feature, how to work with the general ledger, and how to use the history feature. To watch the training videos, you will need to install the WebEx Player, available for free on the prerecorded videos website.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't have a copy of Simply Accounting at home, you can download a free 60-day trial at the company's website. Choose from the "First Step," "Pro," "Premium" and "Enterprise" editions. If you've never worked with Simply Accounting before, the "First Step" version will be the fastest and easiest version to learn. However, your company may use a different version. Check with your company's IT department to determine which version to download.