How to Log Into an Administrator Account Without the Password

By Jim Campbell

Your Windows operating system creates an administrator account during installation. The administrator account has full access to the computer's settings and security controls. If you forget the password, you must use a password reset disc to reset the password, so you can access the account. Without a password reset disc, you must reinstall the operating system to gain access to the administrator account.

Things You'll Need

  • Password reset disc

Step 1

Power on your computer and boot to the login screen. Type a password into the text box. When you enter an incorrect password, the operating system gives you the option to use the reset disc.

Step 2

Click "OK" to close the alert dialog box. Click "Reset password." Insert your reset disc. You can use a USB flash drive, floppy disk or a CD.

Step 3

Click "OK." The operating system accesses the reset disc and prompts you for a new password. Type the new password into the text box and click "OK."

Step 4

Remove the password reset disc and reboot the computer. Log in to the administrator account using the new password.