How to Look Up Phone Numbers Online

By Liz Jacobs

Look up phone numbers without digging out your hard copy of the phone book by going online. Often printed phone directories quickly go out of date as companies move, go out of business or change their phone number, but since it's much easier to quickly change information on the Web than it is to reprint an entire directory, you're more likely to find the numbers you need without reaching a lot of disconnected signals.

Step 1

Go to the Switchboard website. It includes digital yellow pages and white pages. Enter the business name or person's name for whom you are looking. Enter the location, including the city, state or ZIP code. Click "Search" to retrieve the phone number.

Step 2

Visit the White Pages website, a site that lets you search for individual and business phone numbers in both the United States and Canada. Type in the name of the business or person for whom you want to find the number. Type the address. Click "Find" to get the phone number.

Step 3

Visit AT&T Directory Assistance, a site that lets you find phone numbers for both businesses and individuals in the U.S. Type in the name of the business or person. Type in the city and state. Click "Find It" to retrieve the phone number.

Step 4

Go to AnyWho to find international phone numbers. Click on the blue hyperlink for a particular country. Enter your search details, such as the name of the company or individual you are looking for, in the search box. Click "Search" to find the phone number.