How to Look Up What Played on Pandora

By William Pullman

Pandora radio creates playlists of music based on the types of songs, artists and genres you like. You may find when listening to a Pandora playlist that you like a song or artist unfamiliar to you. The website allows you to scroll through the songs previously played in that playlist to find the name of the song, artist and album. You can get further information about music played on Pandora by clicking the appropriate links.

Step 1

Log in to your Pandora account, and start playing music.

Step 2

Click the blue left arrow to the left of the playlist generated by Pandora. The songs that played previously scroll through the window, allowing you to see what has already played.

Step 3

Click the song title, which is located at the top of the song tile; the artist, which is located next to "By:;" or the title of the album, which is located next to "On:." Each link takes you to a different page. The song title shows lyrics and information about the song, the artist displays information about the artist and the album shows information about the album.