How to Make a Calendar in Dreamweaver

By Catherine Johnson

Creating your very own calendar to upload on the web can be intimidating, especially if you have never done it before. But HTML provides a useful way to lay out and organize data through the use of tables, which supply the structural foundation to present your calendar effectively. Even if you don't have extensive knowledge of HTML coding, the extensive tools in Adobe Dreamweaver make it easy to quickly assemble a table that will help you construct your own custom calendar.

Step 1

Open your HTML file with Dreamweaver. Click where you want to insert your calendar.

Step 2

Go to "Insert" in the top navigation menu and click "Table."

Step 3

Enter your options into the pop-up window. Create a table with six rows and seven columns. In the "Table width" field, enter the desired width of your table in pixels. If you want your calendar to have a border, enter the pixel amount in "Border thickness." In both the "Cell padding" and "Cell spacing" fields, enter "2." Select "Top" in the "Header" section. Click "OK."

Step 4

Select the entire first row of your table. Go to "Modify," select "Table," and click "Merge Cells." In the "Properties" panel on the bottom of your screen, go to the "Cell" section and click the drop-down menu for "Horz." Select "Center." In the "Vert" drop-down menu, also select "Middle."

Step 5

Click the top row of the calendar. Enter the name of the month for your calendar. Your text should be centered in the middle of the cell.

Step 6

Select all of the cells in your table, except for the first row. Go to the "Properties" panel and select again "Center" for "Horz" and "Middle" for "Vert."

Step 7

Go to the second row and enter the days of the week into each cell. You may want to use the abbreviated versions to fit inside of your table.

Step 8

In the rest of the table, enter the days of the month in the appropriate cells.

Step 9

Customize your calendar to suit your needs. To change the background color of any part of your calendar, click on a cell and go to the "Properties" panel. Click "Bg," and select a background color from the pop-up window.

Tips & Warnings

  • Experiment with creating different kinds of tables, and play around with borders, cell padding and cell spacing until you create a calendar you are satisfied with.