How to Make a Conference Call on a Straight Talk Phone

By Matt McGew

Straight Talk is a prepaid cellular service provider. One of the calling features available with Straight Talk service plans allows you to make conference calls, also known as three-way calls, on your cellular handset. When you make a conference call, Straight Talk will deduct minutes for both conversations from your monthly minute allotment.

Step 1

Dial the first number you want to call, and press the "Send" button on your Straight Talk phone. Wait for the first party to answer the call.

Step 2

Dial the second number you want to connect to the conversation.

Step 3

Press the "Send" button on your phone to place the first party on hold and connect to the second party. Wait for the second party to answer the call.

Step 4

Press the "Send" button to connect all three parties and create a conference call.