How to Make a Dubstep Drum Kit in "GarageBand"

By Jill Kokemuller

GarageBand is Apple's recording studio software that lets the user record and edit music on the home computer. Dubstep is a music form that has been appearing in clubs since 2001. The main defining feature of Dubstep that sets it apart from other club music forms like Techno and House is the wobble bass sound. Wobble bass is a rhythmically changing bass sound that runs under the music, adding distortion. With a few steps, you can create wobble bass using GarageBand.

Step 1

Start a new project with the piano template. Open GarageBand and Select "New Project." Choose the piano icon, then click on "Grand Piano." A dialog box will open. In the dialog box, give the song a name and choose the Save-To folder.

Step 2

Slide the tempo setting to 140 beats per minute in the dialog box. Scroll through the signature to set it to 4/4. Click "Create." The GarageBand new project screen will appear.

Step 3

Click on the track you are recording to, then click on the red button to record. Record four notes, with each note lasting two bars.

Step 4

Click on "Edit." Click the green button to turn on the compressor. Set the automatic filter to "On." Click on "Edit" in the automatic filter menu.

Step 5

Set the speed to "1/4t" in the automatic filter menu. In the menu, set the frequency about one-third of the way from the Low. Close the automatic filter menu box.

Step 6

Return to the original "Edit" menu. Click "Add distortion" in the edit box under effects. Open the distortion edit menu. Slide the drive setting to 10.5 decibels. Slide the tone setting to 310 hertz. Close the distortion menu.

Step 7

Return to the original "Edit" menu. Master effects are at the bottom of the menu page. Slide the Master Echo to about 10 percent echo and slide the Master Reverb to 25 percent reverberation.

Step 8

Press the space bar on the computer keyboard or press the play button on the screen to play the track. Adjust the settings up and down until you get the sound you want.

Step 9

Save the track. It will then be available to add in a loop to any song you wish to add a Dubstep bass line.