How to Make a Heart on Tumblr

There are two major representations of hearts on the Internet: the "<3" construction, and the heart symbol: ♥. Both can show love and affection between friends, two emotions expressed frequently on Tumblr. To create the heart symbol in a Tumblr post, you will need to open the HTML editor and enter the symbol code manually.

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Open a new post in Tumblr. You can use the HTML on any post type except "Chat."


Open the HTML editor by clicking the "HTML" button on the far right of the rich text formatting toolbar. The HTML editor will open in a smaller pop-up window. Enter "♥" where you want the heart symbol to appear.


Modify your heart with any HTML you prefer. You can make hearts larger with the "" tag, e.g. "". Big tags can be nested to increase the size of the heart. You can also use the heading tags,

, to change the size of the heart. Tumblr's limited HTML does not allow you to change the color of your font. Bolding and italicizing your heart will not modify its appearance.


Click "Update" to close the HTML editor and view your post in the rich text editor.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once you've created one heart symbol, you can copy and paste the symbol instead of using the HTML every time.
  • The tech blog Technabled has a free generator that creates a large heart based on any text you input; simply enter your text into the box, click create and copy the output into the body of your text post. This tool is available at
  • Because post titles on Tumblr do not have HTML editors, you will not be able to add the heart symbol to the title of a post unless you copy it and paste it manually. The same is true for quotes and messages sent via the ask system.
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