How to Make a Histogram in Excel 2008 for Mac

By Hollan Johnson

A histogram is a graph that measures the frequency of a number in a set of data. They are used to measure test scores in many cases. Unlike bar graphs which have a space between the bars, the bars on a histogram should touch unless there is a gap in the data, such as no occurrences for a certain number. Excel 2008 for Mac OS X doesn't have a special histogram graph, but you can create a histogram with it.

Step 1

Open Excel 2008 on your Mac OS X. Input your data into as many columns as you need. You can do one or more columns of data.

Step 2

Highlight the data by clicking the mouse and dragging it over the columns you want in your histogram. Select "Chart" from the tool bar at the top of the Excel window.

Step 3

Select "Column" and choose the graph with spaces between each of the bars. Click on the graph's columns and select "Format Data Series" from the drop down menu.

Step 4

Select "Options" from the menu on the left side of the window and type in 0 for the gap width in the percentage box. Click "OK."