How to Make a Microsoft Sam Beatbox

By Shawn Farner

Microsoft Sam is a text-to-speech computer voice that comes bundled in versions of Windows from XP through Windows 7. Some Windows users have discovered that, by inserting certain strings of text into the text-to-speech preview box, they can create what amounts to a synthesized voice beatbox (a beat that a person makes with his voice). You can use a few different text strings in the preview box to help create certain sounds for Microsoft Sam (or Microsoft Anna, for Windows 7 users) to perform.

Step 1

Open the Start menu, and type "text to speech" in the search box.

Step 2

Click the option titled, "Change text to speech settings."

Step 3

Clear the text out of the box labeled, "Use the following text to preview the voice."

Step 4

Type a few of the following strings of text to get the corresponding beatbox sound:Bme - "B" soundBfe - "Pff" soundTsse - Closed high-hat soundBmmmmm - Bass soundKxxe - Snare soundPlace a comma after each sound to keep them going in a beat.

Step 5

Click the "Preview Voice" button and enjoy your Microsoft Sam beatbox.