How to Make a Movie in Gmod

By Shaun Helsom

Garry's Mod (also known as Gmod) is a popular add-on for games in the Half-Life series. Gmod allows you to build you own custom worlds, create machines and obstacles, and film your own videos. It has become a very popular phenomenon on video sharing sites. Gmod allows just about anyone to create a funny video full of explosions, silliness and destruction.

Step 1

Launch Gmod and put all of your characters and props into position. Begin recording by opening the console menu, typing "record [FILE NAME]," and pressing Enter, replacing [FILE NAME] with the name of the movie you wish to record. The console menu can be opened and closed by pressing the "~" key.

Step 2

Open the console menu again when you are ready to finish recording. Type "stop" and press Enter to stop the recording and save your movie.

Step 3

Type "startmovie [FILE NAME]" in the console menu and press Enter. When asked what compression method you would like to use when converting the video, choose "Uncompressed." Type "playdemo [FILE NAME]" and press Enter to begin converting the video file from Gmod's format to the standard AVI format.

Step 4

Open the folder "C:\Program FilesSteam\SteamApps\username\Gmod" and locate an AVI file with the name you previously entered.

Tips & Warnings

  • Videos may become skippy or distorted if the recordings are too long. Try to avoid movies longer than 4 to 5 minutes.