How to Make a New Email

By Larry Amon

Email is essential to most people today, and as a result most people already have an email address. If, however, you need another email address or your first one has a problem, or you're getting an email address for a young person, the process to get a new email is very simple. You can get an email address in many places but be prepared before you set it up.

Step 1

Pick an email service. There are dozens of companies that will provide people with free or low-cost email service (see Resources). Some of the popular ones include, Yahoo, Google and Hotmail. If you don't prefer one of these services ask friends for recomendations based on what they use. Look to see how much space you will get and if the email service offers a way to be incorporated into an email reader program such as Mozilla Thunderbird if that's what you prefer. Gmail provides extra ability to search your emails by tagging them and allows separate emails by thread. The other services offer a more simple-to-understand interface.

Step 2

Choose a username. Pick a name from thinking about what will work for you.You will want to pick a name that makes sense and that people can remember. Most common and popular names will already be taken, so you may have to be creative and include a descriptor that is more unique to you in your username.

Step 3

Pick a password. You will want to pick a password that you can remember but that is not easy to guess. Its recommended that you use different passwords for different accounts, because if your passwords is discovered by someone they will have access to more than one of your accounts. It's best to include letters and numbers and have the characters add up to at least eight letters.

Step 4

Get familiar with the online email interface. Every online email interface tends to be at least a little different and in some cases very different. Try every button on the interface to see what it does. Test it out by sending emails to yourself. Just spend some time when you are not in a hurry exploring everything that you see.

Step 5

Consider making your own email address if you have a website that gives you a control panel and email services. Normally you will just look for an email tab in the control panel and click something like "new email address." You will be given a menu to create a username (and password) that will give you an email address with "username@yourdomain"