How to Make a Spreadsheet in Word

By Steve Gregory

Microsoft Word's Insert Table and Insert Object feature can facilitate the creation and addition of a spreadsheet into a Word document.

Although Microsoft Word is a word processing program, it is possible to add a spreadsheet to a Word document using the program’s Insert Table feature. Create a spreadsheet using a table or by adding a blank Excel spreadsheet directly to your document. In addition, use the Insert Object feature to insert an already completed Excel spreadsheet into Word.

Create a Table

Step 1

Place the cursor where you want to insert the table in your document.

Step 2

Open the Insert Table dialog window.

Click the Insert tab, click Table in the Tables group and then select Insert Table to open the Insert Table dialog window.

Step 3

Choose the number of rows and columns for the table.

Enter the number of columns and rows you want the table to have in the Table Size section and then click OK to insert the table into your document.

Step 4

Enter the table's data.

Enter the information to display in the table.


To drag the table to a new position, hover your cursor over the table until the Table Move handle appears -- which resembles four arrows pointing in opposite directions inside of a box -- click the handle and then drag the table to the new position.

To add another row or column to the table, hover your cursor above or to the left of a row or column and then click the Insert Controls icon -- which resembles a plus sign inside of a circle -- to add a row or a column.

The Mini toolbar has the options to delete a column or row. Right-click a cell in the column or row you want to remove from the table to display the Mini toolbar. Select Delete and then select the appropriate option, such as Delete Rows.

Create a Table Using Text

Instead of manually adding your text to a table, use the Convert Text to Table feature to automatically convert your document's existing text to a table.

Step 1

Display your document's formatting marks.

Select the Home tab and then click the Show/Hide button to display the formatting marks on your document, such as spaces and tabs.

Step 2

Insert special characters into your text.

Insert a character that indicates where you want the text to divide into columns. For example, position your cursor at the location in your text where you want a column to start, and then press the Tab key to place an arrow icon in your text as an indicator.

Press the Enter key to add a paragraph mark which indicates where you want a new row to start, and then select the text.

Step 3

Open the Convert to Text dialog box.

Click the Insert tab, select Table in the Tables group and then choose Convert Text to Table to open the Convert Text to Table dialog box.

Step 4

Select the special character that you used to divide the columns.

Review the number in the Number of Columns box to ensure it is identical to the number of columns you want your table to have. Select the radio button in the Separate Text At section that matches the separator character you used to divide the columns, such as Tabs. Click the OK button to convert the text.

Step 5

Review the completed table.

Review the text in the table for accuracy. If necessary, hover your cursor over the table and drag the Table Move handle to move the table to a new position.

Create an Excel Spreadsheet

Step 1

Insert a new Excel spreadsheet through the Excel Spreadsheet feature.

Select the Insert tab, click Table and then select Excel Spreadsheet from the menu to insert a blank Excel spreadsheet into your document.

Step 2

Enter the spreadsheet's data.

Add your data and edit the spreadsheet similarly to a regular Excel spreadsheet in the Excel program. For example, to add a new worksheet, click the Plus icon at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Step 3

Use the spreadsheet's handles to change the number of rows and columns.

Click the handles at either corner or middle of the spreadsheet and drag them to change the number of rows and columns.

Step 4

Click outside the spreadsheet after adding the data.

Click outside the spreadsheet when you have completed adding your information to set the spreadsheet in your document.


Double-click inside the spreadsheet to edit its contents.

Insert an Excel Spreadsheet

Step 1

Open the Object dialog window by selecting Object from the Object menu.

Click the Insert tab, click Object in the Text group and then select Object from the drop-down menu to open the Object dialog window.

Step 2

Click Browse to open the Browse window.

Click the Create From File tab and click Browse. As an alternative, enter the location of the Excel file in the File Name field.

Step 3

Select the Excel file to embed.

Browse to the Excel file's location, select the file and then click the Insert button.

Step 4

Embed the spreadsheet by clicking the OK button.

Select the Link to File check box to insert the Excel spreadsheet into your Word document and also create a shortcut to the original Excel file. Any change you make to the original Excel file is automatically updated in the embedded spreadsheet.

Choose the Display as Icon option to insert an icon representing the Excel spreadsheet. Double-clicking the icon opens the Excel spreadsheet in the Excel program. Click the OK button to insert the spreadsheet.