How to Make a SuddenLink on Your Homepage

By Mike Benson

Take advantage of specialized content on SuddenLink Communications' website. Some of the many features of the site include playing videos, checking local weather and TV listings, and managing your account. Customize many of the page elements to create a personalized homepage that caters to your own unique preferences. Setting the site as your homepage will allow you to go directly to the website each time you start your browser.

Step 1

Open your Web browser.

Step 2

Type "" in your address bar and press "Enter." This opens the Suddenlink homepage.

Step 3

Locate the login fields on the right side of the screen. Type your username and password in the fields and click the "Log In" button. If your browser asks if you would like to save your login, click the "Yes" button to automatically sign in every time you access the page or click "No" to log in manually.

Step 4

Click the "Make This My Homepage" link located just above the fields you used to sign in. Click the "Yes" or "OK" button if your browser requests your permission to authorize the change.

Step 5

Close your Web browser, and then reopen it. The Suddenlink website should be the default page to load. Customize the elements on the page by clicking the "Add Content" button. This takes you to an area that allows you to select what you want or do not want to display on your new homepage.

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