How to Make a Text Box in Prezi

Prezi is a third-party software application that allows you to create and share presentations similar to those created in PowerPoint. Each presentation you create is referred to as a Prezi. The Prezi is accessible from your Internet browser or your computer's desktop. Presentations are viewable in two modes: "Show Mode" for when you are showing your project to others and "Edit Mode" to compile your project.

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Open the presentation to which you want to add a text box. To open a presentation, click the "Your Prezis" tab.


Double-click anywhere inside the presentation window to switch from show mode to edit mode. The text box will appear automatically.


Type your desired text. Click the "OK" button, located on the bottom of the text box, to save your text. To make your text box wider or shorter, click the blue arrows on the right-hand side of the text box. To customize the text box font, click the font style buttons on the bottom of the text box.

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