How to Make a Three-Way Call on an AT&T Land Phone

By Matt McGew

AT&T offers landline telephone service in many U.S. markets. Three-way calling is a pay-per-use calling feature that allows you to talk to different people at two different phone numbers at the same time. You can use this calling feature at any time, and AT&T will charge you a fee every time you successfully complete a three-way call.

Step 1

Complete a call to the first person following the normal procedure you would use to make an outgoing phone call from your AT&T landline telephone.

Step 2

Wait for the first person to answer the call.

Step 3

Place the first person on hold by pressing the "Flash" or "Hook" button on your phone.

Step 4

Dial the second person you want to talk to.

Step 5

Wait for the second person to answer the call.

Step 6

Press the "Flash" or "Hook" button on your phone to connect all parties. You have now successfully made a three-way call.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hanging up your phone will disconnect all parties from the three-way call.