How to Make a Three-Way Video Call With Skype

By Shea Laverty

Setting up a video conference call in Skype requires starting a group conversation that includes all intended participants.

Things You'll Need

  • Skype for Windows 5.0
  • Webcam
  • Speakers and microphone or headset
  • High speed Internet connection

Creating a Skype video call with multiple participants is essentially just creating a Skype group conversation, and then calling all the participants. Skype's interface has a tool for creating group conversations and adding people. Once the group is set up, it works like any other Skype conversation.


Even if everyone can't participate in the video portion of the call, anyone answering the call can still do voice chat. The conversation window's IM chat also remains available, so everyone can participate even without voice or video chat.


Make sure everyone involved in the conversation knows that a video call is coming before you send it. A little notice gives everyone a few moments to get ready before they appear on camera.

Step 1

Click Contacts followed by Create New Group in the Skype main window.

Step 2

Click Empty Group.

Click Empty Group in the conversation window's header to bring up the group profile.

Step 3

Click the Edit button.

Click the Edit button by the group name and enter a name for your group.

Step 4

Click the Add People button.

Click the Add People button on the group conversation window.

Step 5

Add people to your group.

Select everyone you want to add to the call using the check-boxes next to their names, then click Add to Group.


You can also drag names from your contacts list to the conversation window to add them to the group conversation.

Step 6

Click the Video Call button.

Click the Video Call button to send a video call to everyone in the group.


  • You can create group chats and conference calls for up to 24 people.
  • Alternatively, you can open a Skype conversation with one person, click Conversation, followed by Add People, and select everyone you want to add from the list.
  • Group video calls can also be sent out from previous conversations by re-opening the group conversation from your Recent Conversations in the Skype main window and clicking the Video Call button.