How to Make a Timeline on Publisher

By Louise Balle

Microsoft Publisher, a part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, is convenient desktop publishing program that allows you to create professional layouts for everything from websites to books. One other activity that you can perform using Publisher is the creation of a timeline. A timeline allows you to see a schedule of events, organized by the time each event has or will occur.

Step 1

Load Publisher and select "Blank Page Sizes" from the list of options for your new document. Choose one of the landscape blank sizes from the list of options, then click "Create."

Step 2

Select "Table" on the main menu, click "Insert" and then "Table" once more (you can also simply click the "Insert Table" icon on the Publisher toolbar). Select the option for two rows and as many columns as you'll need for your timeline. For instance, if you have seven events to record on the timelines, select seven rows. Scroll through the "Table format" section to change the appearance of the table if you want, then click "OK."

Step 3

Click the edges of the table and drag it to the center of your workspace.

Step 4

Place your cursor in the very first box of the table. Type in "Time." Place your cursor in the box underneath that one and type in "Event." You can replace these two titles with whatever terms you'd like.

Step 5

Select each title with your mouse and click "CTRL+B" to make them bold.

Step 6

Place your mouse in the second box in the top row and type in the time period for the first event on your timeline (for instance May 2010 or 4/1/10 to 5/1/10). Click inside of the box underneath that entry and type in the name of the event or occurrence (for instance, "Launch of New Ad Campaign").

Step 7

Continue down the timeline to add more entries according to your needs.

Step 8

Click inside of the first box in the timeline and press down "CTRL+A" twice to select the entire table. Adjust the font size, type and color as you see fit.