How to Make a Timeline Using Microsoft Excel

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Make a timeline using Microsoft Excel by using the timeline Excel template. When using an Excel template, you can edit the existing timeline and customize it to your suit your needs. Add your data to the template's text boxes and update the timeline for your event.

Step 1

Open Excel 2010 and select the "File" tab on the ribbon. Click "New." Type "Timeline" in the search box. Review the timeline templates that appear. Click "Timeline." Click the "Download" button. The template downloads to your computer.

Step 2

Review the timeline and update the default timeline. Click on the existing time in the timeline and add your day, month or year sequence to the timeline.

Step 3

Update the text boxes with your timeline data. Remove the timeline guide by clicking the outer edge of the box and selecting "Delete" on your keyboard. Save your change by clicking the "Save" icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.