How to Make a Trifold Pamphlet With PowerPoint

By James T Wood

Though PowerPoint is not designed for the task, it includes everything you need to put together a basic publication like a tri-fold pamphlet. It's especially good when working on graphics-heavy pamphlets since it is designed for graphics to begin with. Creating a printable document within PowerPoint requires some extra care to ensure that the final product will appear as desired. For example, the slide on the screen is 10 by 7.5 inches rather than the standard 11 by 8.5 for paper. You need to align graphics and text to the edges of the slide so that, when your material is printed, the margin isn't too large.

Step 1

Launch PowerPoint. Click on the slide and press "Ctrl+A" and then "Delete" to remove the elements already on the slide. Click on the "Insert" tab and then click "Shape." Click on the rectangle then click and drag on the slide to draw it. Start at the top of the slide and finish at the bottom, aim for it to be about one-third of the width of the slide.

Step 2

Click on the "Drawing Tools: Format" tab to adjust the rectangle. In the Shape Style section, click on "Shape Fill" and choose "No Fill." Click on "Shape Outline" and choose a light-gray color. Also under "Shape Outline" choose a Dashes style from one of the dashed lines available. In the Arrange section click "Align" and choose "Center." In the Size section click in the bottom box for the width and type "3.33" and press "Enter." You now have dashed lines one dividing your slide into three, equal sections.

Step 3

Click on the thumbnail of the slide in the list on the left. Right-click and select "Copy." Right-click below it and select "Paste." The first slide will be the inside of your pamphlet, the second slide will be the outside.

Step 4

Use the Insert tab to add text and pictures to the pamphlet design. On the first slide you can have the pictures cross over the dashed line since it will be opened up and viewed as one sheet. On the second slide, the front of the pamphlet is in the right section, the middle section is the back of the pamphlet and the left section is the middle flap of the pamphlet.

Step 5

Click on the "File" tab and click "Print." Choose "Full Page Slides" from the options. You can see the preview of the printout on the right. If you have a printer that will print double-sided automatically, select that option. If not, print the first slide and then flip the paper over and re-insert it into the printer before printing the second slide. Fold your pamphlet along the lines when you're done.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click on the rectangle and press "Delete" when you're done creating your brochure. That way you don't have the dashed lines showing on your printed brochures.