How to Make a TV Tuner for a PC

By Greyson Ferguson

Your computer is capable of doing a wide variety of different tasks, as long as the correct software and hardware are connected. This holds true for television viewing. Standard computer systems have everything needed to view TV except for a tuner. The tuner is what receives the TV signals and converts them into the picture. With the addition of a TV tuner to your computer, you can effectively have a computer and television in one device.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • PCI slot
  • TV card
  • Driver installation disk
  • Software installation disk

Step 1

Look on the back side of your computer to see if there are any available PCI slots. You need an available PCI slot to use a TV tuner on your computer. The exterior of the PCI slots can be seen under all the connecting cables. There should be several metal slots, some of which are already being used.

Step 2

Check the properties of your computer (such as the processor speed, RAM and hard-drive space). It is important to know these before you set up a TV tuner.

Step 3

Power down the computer, and remove the cables from the rear of the computer. Use a Phillips screwdriver to take off all the screws holding the case onto the computer tower.

Step 4

Find an available PCI slot, and insert the TV card directly into the slot, making sure to push it straight in. Once the card is securely in, clamp down the side clamps of the slot. This locks the card into place.

Step 5

Place the cover back on the computer, and plug everything back in. Power on the computer and wait for it to boot.

Step 6

Insert the driver installation disk, and in a moment the installation wizard launches. Accept the license agreement, and follow the remaining prompts to complete the installation.

Step 7

Insert the software installation disk once the driver has finished installing. Again, read through and accept the license agreement. You are not allowed to install the software without accepting it.

Step 8

Follow the steps to complete the software installation. You may or may not be required to restart the computer.

Step 9

Connect your cable or TV antenna to the TV tuner, and launch the software you installed. You can now begin watching television on your computer.

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