How to Make an Email Signature for Yahoo Mail

By Zicheng Ren

Email signatures are a useful tool for adding business and contact information automatically at the end of every email you send. In Yahoo Mail, add a signature in the Writing Email section of your email Settings. You can write a plain text signature with no formatting, or a rich text signature with font style, size and color options. You can also create lists and add links in your signature.

Create a Plain Text Signature

Step 1

Mouse over the "Settings" menu icon resembling a gear, and click "Settings."

Step 2

Go to the "Writing Email" section and click "Signature" to access signature choices. Choose "Show a plain text signature." A plain text signature is not formatted, so you cannot choose from among font style, size, color or any other options. Line breaks are retained, however.

Step 3

Type your signature into the text field below the signature drop-down menu. When you are finished, click "Save."

Step 4

Compose a new message. Note that your signature is added automatically. Type your message above the signature.

Create a Rich Text Signature

Step 1

Choose "Show a rich text signature" from the Signature drop-down menu in the Writing email section of your Yahoo email Settings. A text field displays with options for editing your signature. Click the "Select a font size" icon, resembling an upper and lower case "T," and choose both a font type and size. You can make your text bold or italicized using the Bold and Italicize buttons, represented by a "B" and an italicized "I" respectively.

Step 2

Choose a color for your text. Highlight the text to color, and click the "Set text color" icon, which is an "A." Click the color you want.

Step 3

Place a highlight behind your text by selecting the text to highlight and clicking the "Set text highlight color" button, which is an "A" with a shaded background. Click the color you want for the highlight.

Step 4

Select your text and click the "Bulleted List" icon to create a bulleted list. You can instead create a numbered list in your signature by clicking the "Numbered List" icon. Indent your signature by clicking the "Indent More" icon, resembling a right arrow beside some lines.

Step 5

Center-align your text by selecting it and clicking the "Align Center" icon resembling several centered lines. To return the signature to a left alignment, click the "Align Left" icon which looks like several lines aligned to the left.

Step 6

Add a link to your signature by clicking the "Insert Link" icon resembling a paper clip. Type the address of your website and click "OK." Format your link and click "Save" to finish your signature.

Step 7

Write a new email. Yahoo inserts your signature into the mail when you click "Compose." Type your email above the signature.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you set your Settings to include a signature but want to occasionally write an email without one, you don't have to reset the signature Settings before each email. Instead, after you click "Compose," highlight and delete the signature that appears in the message field.
  • After you click "Compose" to begin a message, you can still edit your rich text signature using the tools that you use for editing the text of your email message. Set a generic signature and customize it as necessary depending on your recipients.