How to Make Arrows in InDesign

Adding an arrow to a document allows you to focus the reader's attention on a specific paragraph, sentence or image, making arrows a useful tool to ensure critical information is actually read and memorized. The Adobe InDesign desktop publishing application lets you add arrows to your documents by accessing a specific panel within the program.

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Click on the "Direct Selection" tool and select the path you wish to add an arrowhead to. Alternatively, you can create a new line by using the Line tool.


Open the Stroke panel by clicking on "Stroke."


Select the arrowhead you wish to add to your path by picking it from the "Start" drop-down menu if you want to add it at the beginning of the path, or from the "End" menu to place it at the end. It is, of course, also possible to create a double-headed arrow by selecting an arrowhead symbol from both of the menus.

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