How to Make AVG Scan Before the Computer Boots Up

By Zicheng Ren

Checking your computer regularly with a routine scan run by a powerful antivirus software is a good habit to have to keep your computer running smoothly. AVG Internet Security 2015 provides a variety of scans such as whole computer scan, specific folder and file scan and scheduled scan. If you would like to scan your computer right when you start it up, you need a scheduled scan. Creating a boot scan schedule can fulfill this function for you.

Step 1

Click "Options" and choose "Advanced settings..." in the drop down menu in AVG Internet Security 2015.

Step 2

Click the plus sign in front of Schedules on the left side bar to expand all the options. Choose "Scheduled Scan" from the list. This will allow you to schedule a time when you want AVG to automatically scan your computer.

Step 3

Check the checkbox next to "Enable this task" to turn on scheduled scanning.

Step 4

Click "Run on computer startup" under the "Schedule" section. Set the minute delay to zero so that the scheduled scan runs immediately when you boot up your computer and click "Apply." Now AVG Internet Security 2015 will scan your computer each time you turn it on.

Tips & Warnings

  • In order to ensure that other start-up tasks don't cause AVG Internet Security 2015 to somehow miss the zero minute delay starting time, you may also check the "Run when computer starts up if task has been missed" box on the Schedule screen under Advanced Scheduling Options as a backup.