How to Make Birthday Cards Online for Free Without a Download

By TomL

Birthday cards are sent to show the person that you think of them on their birthday. Cards have been around for many generations and until recently could only be purchased in stores. Now there are sites available online which allow the user to make their own birthday cards. Some of them require a software to download but there are other sites which allow for the creation of the card within the browser. These cards can then be either sent to the email of the recipient or printed out.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection

Step 1

Log onto the website which allows for free cards creation within their site. These can also be found by typing "make free birthday cards" within a search engine with or without the quotes.

Step 2

Select the design of the card that you want to use under the "Birthday Cards" section. As this is one of the most popular occasions most sites will have it featured on the front page.

Step 3

Click on the card to customize the message for the recipient. There might be an option next to the card such as "Get Started" or one asking you whether it will be a short or long message. Some of the sites also allow for uploading pictures or adding your personal images.

Step 4

Type in the requested information such as the birthday wishes, name of the recipient, your name and date to finish creating the card and either send or print it out.