How to Make Christmas Emoticons on Facebook

By Jeffrey Norman

Emoticons, groupings of keystrokes that form images or expressions, abound on the Web. Social network juggernaut Facebook has configured its Chat program so that certain emoticons turn into attractive pictures. At last count, however, the number of these special emoticons has stalled at 26. Facebook encourages its community to test combinations of characters for more emoticons, including those that evoke the spirit of Christmas. Clever users harness several tactics to create emoticons with a yuletide vibe.

Step 1

Consider existing Facebook emoticons that suggest a holiday mood. Typing "O:)" produces an angel emoticon, while "<(")" makes a penguin.

Step 2

Download the Facemoods add-on. Free to use, Facemoods enlarges the number of emoticons you can use on Facebook, including a number of Christmas figures.

Step 3

Type out text emoticons that resemble Christmas favorites. "*<<<<+" signifies a Christmas tree, for example. For a Santa Claus emoticon, type "*<|:-)". Write out "3:*>" to represent Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Tilt your head to the left to see the emoticons' shape more clearly.

Step 4

Employ a Character Map to create your own Christmas emoticons. Head to your computer's Start menu. Hit "All Programs." Click "Accessories," then "System Tools." This directs you to the Character Map, where you can copy and arrange symbols to invent emoticons for the holiday season.