How to Make FREE International Calls with the MagicJack

No one likes to pay the high cost of international calls. It's incredible how expensive such calls are. Well, now there's a way to make FREE international calls. Here's how...

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Make FREE International Calls with the MagicJack


The MagicJack is truly an incredible device. At just $39.95, you get a small USB device that connects to your computer and gives you unlimited calling privileges to anyone in the US. Once you register, the MagicJack gives you a US number.


To make free international calls, you can take your MagicJack outside the US and make a call to anywhere in the US for free. You will need to hook up the MagicJack to a computer connected to the internet.


You can also register a MagicJack in the US and send it to a friend outside the US. That person will now have a US telephone number. So, all you have to do is dial that number and you can talk to that person for free. You don't have to worry about dialing any international codes. It's just like as if you are making a call to someone in your neighborhood. It's fantastic.

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