How to Make Frontier My Homepage

By Larry Simmons

Frontier is a communications company offering high-speed internet, digital phone and television service throughout the United States. As part of its services, Frontier provides a Web portal based on My Yahoo that combines personal communications through your Frontier services with news, search and entertainment through Yahoo. Setting this portal as your homepage gives you instant access to the information provided whenever you open your Web browser. Setup is not difficult, but the process varies according to the browser that you're using to access the site.

Things You'll Need

  • Web browser

Step 1

Open your Web browser and type "" into the address section to navigate to the Frontier My Yahoo page.

Step 2

Click on the link located at the top of the page in the left corner labeled "Make Frontier Yahoo! your home page" if you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox Web browsers.

Step 3

Click "Yes" to verify your choice in Internet explorer, then click "OK" to acknowledge the change of your homepage.

Step 4

Click on the purple colored "Y!:" icon that appears over the homepage link along with the words "DRAG ME" if using Mozilla Firefox. Hold the mouse button on the icon and then drag it to the small house-shaped "Home" icon on your toolbar. Verify the choice to make Frontier your homepage by clicking "Yes" from the pop-up window that opens.

Step 5

Set Frontier as your homepage in Safari by clicking on the Safari menu and opening the "Preferences" page. Find the "Home" box and then click "Set to Current Page." Verify your selection by clicking on the red circle located in the left corner at the top of the browser.

Step 6

Make Frontier the homepage using Google's Chrome browser by opening the "Options" menu in Chrome. Click on the "Open the Following Pages" option in the "On Startup" area of the page and then click "Add." Type into the URL box, press "Add" then click "Close" to complete the setting.

Step 7

Click on the "Home" icon in your browser to open the Frontier site in your current tab, or open the browser to have the site open automatically.