How to Make Monogram Stickers

By Filonia LeChat

Whether you're looking to stake your claim on the backside of your vehicle, locker or office door, a monogram is a way to announce your ownership of the property. Monograms, which date back to the 20th century, according to Embroidery Arts, use one to three letters and are usually seen in all capitals. Although you can buy monogram stickers in card stores, you can make and personalize your own stickers in your favorite colors and fonts. Using the Paint software program already installed on your computer, you can make your own monogram stickers in minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint software program
  • Printer
  • Sticker paper
  • Scissors

Step 1

Open Paint, pull down the "Image" menu and select "Attributes." Set the size for your monogram, such as 5-by-5 inches and click the "OK" button.

Step 2

Select a paint color from the Color Picker tool at the bottom of the screen. Monograms may be a single color, two colors or a different color for each letter. Consider matching the color of your car, your favorite sports team or your school colors.

Step 3

Click the Text tool, which looks like an "A," and click once inside the white Paint workspace. If the text toolbar does not appear, click "View" and select "Text Toolbar." Choose the Monotype Corsiva font for a basic monogram styling; monograms may be any font you prefer. Type "100" in the font box.

Step 4

Type the first letter of your first name, such as "M" for "Max." Click your cursor next to the first letter and increase the font size to 200. Type the first letter of your last name, such as "J" for "Janofsky." Click the cursor again next to the second letter, reduce the font back to 100 and type the first letter of your middle initial.

Step 5

Turn on your printer and load in sticker paper; take care not to overload or jam the tray. Pull down the "File" menu and click "Print." Choose your printer from the options and input the number of monograms to print in the Number of Copies box. Click "Print" to print the monograms. Cut around the monograms on the sticker paper with scissors.

Tips & Warnings

  • Traditional monograms are styled with first name, last name and middle name, with the letter in the middle being slightly larger. You can put your own spin on the monogram by having all letters be the same sizes, switching around your initials or doing other varieties. If you don't have a middle name, make the two initials the same size. If you have a hyphenated name, you can try options such as MA-JH or MAJH.