How to Make My Google Settings Permanent

By Naomi Bolton

The Google search engine allows you to customize your search settings in order to filter explicit content, display instant predictions, set the amount of results per page, customize voice search options and specify how results open. The search settings are permanently associated with your account when saved, so it is available on any computer or mobile device on which you sign in to your Google account. Creating a Google account and saving your settings is the only reliable way to make the settings permanent independent of your browser, cookies or computer.

Step 1

Open the Google Account creation page (link in Resources) and fill in the requested details to create an account.

Step 2

Open the Google Search settings page (link in Resources) and click the blue "Sign in" button.

Step 3

Type the username and password that you created for your Google account and then click "Sign in."

Step 4

Adjust the search settings using the radio buttons and check boxes and then click the blue "Save" button to make the changes permanent.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to sign out of your Google account after using a public computer, such as in an Internet cafe.