How to Make My Home Cable Ready for Comcast Internet

Making your home cable ready for Comcast high-speed Internet is not something you can do on your own. Most of the work has to be done by a Comcast technician. Comcast high-speed Internet is a cable broadband Internet service. Unlike broadband DSL, which uses unused telephone wires in your existing landline to establish a connection between your home and your Internet-service provider, cable broadband service uses the cable wire infrastructure maintained by your cable company. Therefore, the Comcast technician has to rig your home for Comcast service before you can set up the Internet.

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Contact the Comcast Customer Support Center at 1-800-COMCAST.


Tell the customer-service representative that you would like to sign up for Comcast high-speed Internet service. If you are not an existing Comcast customer, the representative schedules an appointment with you to have a Comcast technician come to your home to install the primary wiring required for service and set up your Internet. If you are an existing Comcast customer, a subscriber to Comcast cable TV or phone service, you're primary wiring is already installed. You can request a Comcast high-speed Internet self-install kit or you can request to have a technician come to your home to install Internet service for you. There's often a service fee involved in having a technician come to your home. If you request a self-install kit, the kit is sent to you via snail mail or you can pick up the kit at a Comcast service center.


Follow the instructions outlined in your Comcast high-speed Internet self-install kit to connect your computers to Comcast Internet service. If a technician is scheduled to come to your home, you do not need the self-install kit. The technician takes care of everything.

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