How to Make Optimum My Home Page

Optimum's official home page serves as a Web portal where you can sign in to pay your bills, chat with customer support or even check your Optimum email account. Rather than searching for the Optimum home page each time you open your Web browser, you can set it to appear automatically at browser startup. Since Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 don't include a home page option that affects all installed Web browsers, the method to set Optimum as your home page differs for each browser.

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credit: Poike/iStock/Getty Images

Internet Explorer 11

Navigate to the Optimum home page, right-click the “Home” icon in the upper right of the browser window and then select “Add or Change Home Page” on the context menu. Select the radio button next to “Use This Webpage as Your Only Home Page,” then click “OK.” The Optimum home page should now appear at startup or when you click the “Home” icon.

Mozilla Firefox

In any Firefox window, click the “Open Menu” button, then “Options.” Under the General tab, enter “” (without quotes) into the field next to “Home Page.” Click “Apply” to save the changes. As with Internet Explorer, the Optimum home page should show up at startup or when you click the Firefox “Home” button.

Google Chrome

In any Chrome window, type “chrome://settings/” (without quotes) into the URL bar and then press “Enter.” Under the Appearance section, select the “Show Home Button” option and then click “Change.” On the pop-up menu, select “Open This Page” and enter “” (without quotes) into the vacant field. Click “OK” to save the changes.