How to Make Slideshows on a Mac

By K.C. Winslow

Create a multimedia presentation for school or business or make a fun display of photos for your family and friends by creating a slideshow on your Mac. There are several options for making slideshows in the Mac OS X operating system. Determine which option is best suited to your needs by considering the purpose of your slideshow and the features you want to incorporate.

Step 1

Create a slideshow presentation with Keynote, a part of the iWork suite of applications for Mac. Keynote includes a number of preset slideshow themes designed to give your slideshow a professional look and feel. The “Media” menu gives you access to your iPhoto, iTunes and iMovie library. You can save your slideshow as a QuickTime movie, PowerPoint presentation, PDF document or iPod slideshow.

Step 2

Make a quick slideshow from any of your photo albums using iPhoto. This application is part of the iLife suite of applications included with the purchase of any new Mac. To create a slideshow in iPhoto, you select the photo album you want to use and click the “Slideshow” icon in the bottom of the screen. The slideshow menu offers options for music, slideshow theme and transitions between slides. You can access your iTunes library through iPhoto when creating your slideshow.

Step 3

Design a slideshow with Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac. PowerPoint offers a gallery of slide themes you can customize to suit your slideshow. PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity applications. Slideshows created in PowerPoint for Mac are completely compatible with PowerPoint for Windows. You can use the “Media” tab to select audio and video files on your computer and add them to your slideshows.