How to Make SopCast Run Smoothly

SopCast is a peer-to-peer streaming platform that enables you to watch streaming content channels from around the world for free. As with all streaming video, there are times when the video seems to chug and stutter along rather than play smoothly. To a degree this depends on the stream's source and may be unavoidable, but there are ways to maximize performance on your end.

Minimize Processor Load

How much work your computer has to perform in order to process the stream can play a significant role in stream quality. The more processing power your computer can dedicate to SopCast and running the stream, the better it will perform. When trying to view SopCast channels, close any other non-essential programs to free up some processing power. Quitting out of any activities that use bandwidth -- such as streaming Internet radio or active downloads -- is particularly important.

Avoid Network Congestion

Streaming video quality also depends heavily on available bandwidth. If a lot of people in your network are all using the Internet at the same time, it can dramatically limit your bandwidth and diminish video quality. Try to use SopCast when others aren't using your network.

Update SopCast

An out-of-date version of SopCast may be the cause of your diminished performance. Newer versions are refined and may offer new features to improve performance. Uninstall SopCast and install the latest version to see if this improves performance.

Create Security Exceptions

Your security software may be limiting or throttling SopCast's access to the Internet, reducing stream quality and potentially preventing the software from working at all. Open the administrative settings on your anti-virus software and firewall and create exceptions for SopCast, which should prevent them from interfering with performance.

Restart and Try Again

If your computer has been running for a long time, a simple restart can improve performance across the board, including SopCast performance. A restart may also be helpful if you've made any major changes or Windows has updates ready to install.