How to Make Text Bigger in HTML

Two methods exist for sizing text in Web pages. One way involves using HTML header tags to which browsers apply default sizes, though the exact sizing varies from browser to browser and even user to user. The other method requires some Cascading Style Sheet code, but using CSS gives designers more control over exact sizes. You can also use CSS to make text in HTML bigger without specifying an exact size, using percentages or named sizes like "small" or "medium." These last sizing techniques offer less control but respect user browser settings and are useful when creating sites for people with poor eyesite.

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Use heading tags or CSS to make HTML text bigger.


Wrap your text in a heading tag. Headings range from


with the lower number representing the most important text on a page. Browsers also apply default sizes to these tags, making text within

tags the largest and

the smallest.

Large Text Here

Somewhat Smaller Text


Open up an external .CSS file or add tags between the and tags of your web page. Add your CSS code into the .CSS file or between the