How to Make Text Two Different Sizes in Windows Movie Maker

By Jeff Grundy

Windows Live Movie Makers allows novices and experts alike to create quality videos in a matter of minutes. The easy to use controls in Movie Maker let you perform many of the editing tasks you are likely to need when creating your own videos from imported movie clips or images on your computer. One of the most useful features in Movie Maker is the ability to add captions or titles to your movies quickly. By default, though, Movie Maker uses only size for fonts used in video clips. If you want to add multiple captions, with different font sizes, you must configure the font size for each caption or title line individually.

Step 1

Launch Widows Live Movie Make. Click the small down-arrow button nest to the clipboard symbol on the toolbar. Click the “Open Project” menu link.

Step 2

Browse to the Movie Maker project file you want to edit and in which you want to insert caption or title text. Highlight the project video filename and click the “Open” button. The movie project appears on the timeline in the Movie Maker viewer window.

Step 3

Single-click the image or movie clip on the timeline in which you want to insert the caption or title text. Do not double-click the image on the timeline or doing so will open the “Video Tools” editing tab.

Step 4

Click the “Caption” button on the Movie Maker toolbar. Enter text for the first line of text in the box labeled “Enter Text Here.” Use the mouse to position the line of text where you want it to appear while the video plays. Click anywhere on the white space of the viewer window to set the text and save it.

Step 5

Click the “Caption” button on the toolbar again. A second text box appears on the frame viewer. Enter the desired text in the second text box.

Step 6

Highlight all the text in the second text box and click the small drop-down arrow next to the font name at the top of the screen. Scroll through the list of available font sizes and select one different from the default. Click the font size to select it. Movie Maker changes the font size for the second text box. The size of the text in the second text box is bigger or smaller than the text in the first box.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can enter as many caption line boxes as you want in Movie Maker. Avoid adding too many caption lines to a frame; it's distracting to viewers.