How to Make the "WoW" Chat Window Smaller

"World of Warcraft" or "WoW" is a computer game that users play online with other players. In "World of Warcraft" players control an animated character in a three-dimensional environment where they can interact and communicate with other players in the game. One method of communication is through using the "WoW" chat window. If the chat window is too large for your preference, you can unlock it and resize it using the controls in the game.

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Click on your chat window located in the lower-left corner of the screen in "World of Warcraft." Tabs will appear at the top of the chat window.


Right-click the tab that reads "General." A pop-up window will appear. Scroll down and click on "Unlock window." This unlocks the chat window so that you can resize it.


Click any edge or corner of the "WoW" chat window and drag it inward to make it smaller.

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