How to Make Your Own Printable Tickets

By Suman Medda

Tickets are an essential part of making any raffle or show successful. In a raffle, hundreds or even thousands of numerical tickets are required. The winner is then selected from a randomly selected number. Raffles usually benefit charities or other great causes, so it is important for all of the proceeds to go to the effort. Money for printing tickets can be saved by creating the tickets at home. Both simple and extravagant tickets can be created.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word or any similar word processing application.

Step 2

Click the "Column" button from the "Home" tab at the top of the window. The column button has the picture of two columns. Chose "Two" or "Three" from the drop down. Choose "Two" for regular sized tickets and "Three" for smaller tickets. The columns are now created.

Step 3

Type the text for a ticket into the document. Be sure to include vital information such as name, ticket number and phone number.

Step 4

Select the text and copy it by going to "Edit" and "Copy." Then, paste the ticket as many times as needed. Do this by clicking "Edit" and "Paste."

Step 5

Ensure that each column starts with a new ticket. For example, a ticket should not be cut in half with the top portion at the bottom of one column and the bottom portion at the top of the next column. If this happens, use the "Return" key to move the ticket to the next column completely.

Step 6

Print the tickets by going to "File" and "Print."