How to Map a Route on Google Maps

By Darren Johannsen

A bad set of directions can make any road trip a hassle filled with wrong turns and traffic jams. With Google Maps, you can generate a set of directions to one or multiple locations, even adjusting your route to take traffic into account. Google Maps automatically generates directions using it's database of streets and traffic statistics; all you have to do is give it your route's starting and ending address.

Step 1

Go to the Google Maps website (see Resources) and click on the "Get Directions" link to begin creating a route.

Step 2

Type in the address that you are starting your trip from in the box labeled "A." Type the name of the destination in the box labeled "B."

Step 3

Press the "Add Destination" button to open additional destination address boxes. This allows you to create a route stopping at multiple locations.

Step 4

Press the "Get Directions" button to generate your route.

Step 5

Press the "Traffic" button to overlay traffic data on the generated map. The traffic overlay color codes the streets based on traffic speed.

Step 6

Click and drag parts of the displayed route on the map to make manual adjustments. This can be useful if you wish to create a scenic, less direct route.

Step 7

Press the "Print" button to print out the driving directions and map.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pressing the "Satellite" button will display your route on a satellite image of the earth.

References & Resources